Monday, November 30, 2009

More Hammers of Tai

Title Splash Screen for Hammers of Tai.

The Player navigates the options presented to them out of the magical Chest of Orion.

The image itself was created during the second week of development, so by this point there is quite a bit I'd like to redo, but in the end I'm happy enough with the image, since it serves the purpose it was meant to.

Also, An example of how an image goes from original thumbnail to first draft to final finished piece.

For the final image, although I had done all the work up till that point including design and pencils, Laura Blackbeard did the inking and gray toning for it. This was done to speed up the process as she had already done a few other of these panels detailing the introductory story for the game, so no extra effort had to be spent learning to ink and color in the same style, as we were approaching deadline. Hopefully she will post some more of the work on her blog.

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