Sunday, June 29, 2008

Still raining!

The best part about drawing, is when you just...have fun. Make up a random character, and slap some shitty photoshop colors on it to help bring it to life.

You can do whatever you want. It's friggen fantastic.

Anyway, here's some character I just made up. Let's call her...Azuless, the seeress/prophet!

Run for the hills!


some real-deal drawings of folks!

Well, just a bunch-o-drawings of some cool cats.
Theres a few Willie Ashworth's in there, some Brian Sharp's, some Ron Doucet's and Rob Anderson's, there's some Scott Caple's, a Rambo, A Geordie Millar, A Ryan Cole, and a guy at a Tim Hortons.
A lot of those guys are hot shit, in about 4 senses of the word. Some are almost 5.
The whole lot of 'em came to our school as guest speakers...except the guy from Tim Hortons, and the Ryan Cole (a visiting graduate) and the Geordie Millar(life drawing teacher). It was pretty fun to dip into the brew with 'em at the pub.
Lots of good things to say.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

R.I.P Michael Turner.

So, just found out he passed away. Here's the link.

I'm actually heartbroken.

In other stuff is locked in the school and could possibly be thrown out. How was I to know saturday doesn't count as part of the 'week to get your stuff'.


So long guys!

Well, pretty much the whole crew is gone now, or leaving today as far as I know.
I honestly can't believe those three years went by so fast. Things like this always creep up on us don't they? And they never get any easier.

I'm actually pretty choked up right now, just thinking about all the good times I've had. Who cares about the bad anymore.

Man, we are all graduates now, and we're all heading off to do our own things. I want to wish good luck to the whole 2008 class. All of you meant so much to me, and I hope the best for each and every one of you, except Andrew! You're just a big jerk! No just kidding man, you get a bit of luck too!

I don't really know what else to say except that I'll really miss each and every one of you, and I'll really cherish these last few years we had together before we all had to become official grownups.

This is to Bunni, Laura, Leelynn, Thomas, Ben, Andrew, Tanya, Pat, Holly, Sachairi, Sonya, Tim, Curtis(and Abaddon), and Josee (with a é in there somewhere).

And our instructors, Heather, Geordie, Rick, Tara, Terry(sorry I never did that last after effects project), Brenda, Jason, Kevin, Ed, and even Brian and Clyde for everything they've helped the class out with.

You guys made sure that everything went as smooth as possible for us, and were always really leniant and forgiving even when you swore you wouldn't be. I may not be the best artist on the planet, but I'm a hell of a lot farther up the ladder then I should be, and it's thanks to you guys!

Love you everybody!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Characters I designed from the group up for a small company that wanted some teen superheroes designed. They liked them but ended up settling on someone else for the project. I guess that means I can put them up.
What do you guys think? I actually had a lot of fun doing these because most of my pictures are just random characters doing nothing, but these guys and gals have names and personalities and hang nails and one of them probably farts more then he should.


- Dunnnooo. Gosh darn bored. Burn and dodge for the win! Getting up a few hours earlier then you girlfriend every morning basically leads to me opening up photoshop and drawing random pictures. Rush jobs are so fun, you know when you only spend 20 minutes or so on a picture. Heck yes!
- Graduated from school yesterday. Officially over. Still have to pick up my crap from school though.

Man...who wants to hire me?

Cause I'm pumped!

Monday, June 23, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! You know your my beast friend ! *hearts and plutonic gayness*
So yah...just a little doodle for Ben, but shhhh don't tell him, it's a surprise!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

ad for..

Decided I'd try to do another ad for JJ of JJ's Boardshops here in town.

I did a reaaaaaaally crappy logo for him once with a mouse and a gimpy twisted version of photoshop that did everything backwards years ago.

So I did this today. About 15 minutes of work I'd say.

I basically got bored this morning and e-mailed it to him as a freebie cause I'm tight like that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey guys, just in the process of uploading some pages of sheet.

About to graduate...Flippin oot.