Sunday, June 29, 2008

some real-deal drawings of folks!

Well, just a bunch-o-drawings of some cool cats.
Theres a few Willie Ashworth's in there, some Brian Sharp's, some Ron Doucet's and Rob Anderson's, there's some Scott Caple's, a Rambo, A Geordie Millar, A Ryan Cole, and a guy at a Tim Hortons.
A lot of those guys are hot shit, in about 4 senses of the word. Some are almost 5.
The whole lot of 'em came to our school as guest speakers...except the guy from Tim Hortons, and the Ryan Cole (a visiting graduate) and the Geordie Millar(life drawing teacher). It was pretty fun to dip into the brew with 'em at the pub.
Lots of good things to say.


Laura Blackbeard said...

haha these are some great little caricatures :D

Mélanie Daigle said...

You met Scott Caple?? How did you like him? Best layout teacher I've ever had, hands down! Did he show you cool stuff? :p

Adam Arsenault said...

WOW!! You guys had Rambo as a guest speaker?!?