Thursday, October 29, 2009

new character

Well, I've been overwhelmingly inspired by the works of Doug Wildey and Alex Toth recently, masters that they were. This started with the intention to do something in the style of Marc Bagley originally, but I guess my subconcious decided to take it old school.

The shark man is a lean, deep swamp dweller, who hunts with a pack and is incredibly territorial.

Today, my goal was to create something with deep crisp lines that showcase form more than style, which was an old, bad habit of mine. I also wanted to demonstrate my ability to capture various styles of art with these last few posts of mine, and my willingness to learn and grow as a conceptual artist.

The sea theme to the weapons and armour, while light, was still a challenge to express as cleanly as possible. I had to google image a few images of sea shells to make sure I was getting them close to reality.

I have the full intention of finishing the final renderings of his gear.

What do you guys think?

edit - posted the finished character, as well as a quick color swap line up


Darcy P World said...

Awesome man! I'm liking this alot. Really digging the green color scheme, and the one you chose. Nice.

Curtis Rioux said...

Yea man no doubt - loving this character. Sick design and nice final! Keep them coming.

Benjamin said...

He's hidin' pearls in that clamshell!

haha seriously awesome though. I love all the savage creatures you make.