Friday, October 30, 2009

another new character

The Savage Thloth's of the Dense Jungles of the Northern Wreckage are solitary, territorial, and ravenously carnivorous. They have been seen feasting on their catch often before it has even passed on, and are said to enjoy gulping the fluid of eyes that can still stare at them.

This was a quick study, and a lesson in capturing form without heavily relying on line, something that was very prevalent in the last character design I did (see the shark-man 2 posts down).

After I started working on the character, I realized it reminded me very much of the Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars concepts from the original trilogy way back in the 1520's. I havn't actually looked at his art in many moons, though I do recall trying to copy a lot of his drawings with a standard HB pencil and looseleaf back in middle school. I think one of the original concepts for Chewbacca might have been sloth like, though any similarities are coincidental.

I hope you guys like it, and I'd love to hear any critiques you guys have on how I can continue to improve my self to (at least) an entry level position in the industry!

Oh and I included a smaller version of the line art because I know I always like seeing other artists framework, and not to toot my own horn but I do like the way the lines themselves turned out for such a quick sketch.


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Benjamin said...

Damn Fine work TJ, I love it. the work on the chestplate is a nice touch to add some contrast to the rest of the drawing, which is a lot furrier!