Monday, February 8, 2010


Every so often, ever since I was a kid, I just get this massive urge to draw a gnarly venom head.


Also, starting a new job today. Not as cool as the last. Surveys for a telemarketing company.
Hey, bills had to be paid! If you know anyone looking to hire a young artist, let them and me know!

Thing is, I need to know there is money in it, because I have pursued too many unprofitable (as in zip) ventures in the past.

Another thing, I've been developing a new style lately. Something traditional, so without the use of photoshop. PAPER AND SUCH!! Watch out trees. Watch out world!

Once I compile some stuff, maybe I'll throw some work up in here, up in here.


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Devin said...

I hear ya about drawing the gnarly Venom heads, that's usually my go to drawing when I can't think of anything to draw. It's just way too much fun.