Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heaven is a long long ways away

Something from the new 'connection'(call) center.

- Everyones poor somehow in System City -
-Lost soul

- If every poor soul in this or the next world who hated their life and hated their job had a place to go to wither away and take those they love down with them, System City would be their first and last stop. -
-Commander Mast O'Learry of the Nexus Capital Supreme Guard

just a note: the nexus, simply put, is the unexplainable, habitable portion of a rift in space-time. Nexus Core is the "capital" city of the Nexus. The NCSG are elite troops dedicated to enforcing law there.

System City is not part of this Nexus, but is a direct result of it.
Makes Mos Eisley look like the green knoll that tubby tellies frollick upon.

edit: Decided to mock up what I think a Nexus Core guard captain might look like. specifically Chev Odelay. Also, changed the name from Nexus Prime to Nexus Core. Sounds much more like the base of an important inter-dimensional infrastructure.

edit: Late in the game, continuing to push the design. Would LOVE some professional feedback and criticism on how to really make this design pop. I'm feeling strongly for it, but I don't want to be blinded by Mother's Love for it.


Laura Blackbeard said...

I dont think your mother's love there is blinding you at all, this is a cool design coming along :) it would be cool if you repeated some of the shoulder design into the legs i think :)

Tim said...

That is just way too cool, TJ. Love those images.