Friday, October 15, 2010

Gore Enforcer

For a friend's upcoming strategy game.
Basic conceptual art. If you read down a few posts you will see the sketchbook design I did awhile back that I based this off of.
I also threw in a quick mock up I did of what I think the character could look like from an isometric view.


Curtis Rioux said...

Super badass character Teej. Well executed, i really enjoy the color decisions made. Ribcage and organs are i think my fav part, well.. armor around the legs and feet is fantastic as well.

cant wait to see some more. which friend is making the game?

T.J. Bragg said...

It's a programmer/developer I work with, he's been building the server and client side of things for awhile now. It's his pet project.

Tim said...

Everything is super tight on this one. A more dynamic pose could work for him, but that's my only crit.