Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TurtleHead Studios

Just some preliminary splash logo work for Turtle Head Studios™

The background image is a composite of this image and one of the statute of liberty, both found through google image. All manipulation and filter work in between is my own.

The turtle skull logo is my own.

added: also, the logo is designed to stand out on it's own, the image is simply a stand in piece for it


Holly Yerkie said...

I think the logo without the image (the desert and statue) would be way more awesome.

And it would look great on a t-shirt :p

Curtis Rioux said...

I preferr the Turtle head studios logo on the bottom (the horizontal one) it has a better feel and the one with the skull above the words. I would like to see a version with the letters white and the skull black or vice versa. Looking really cool though.