Friday, July 31, 2009

demon maquette

Did this as a sort of show and tell for the Animation Camp I teach.

Oh, did I mention this to you guys? It's a one week course, but the program runs for 7 weeks so thats 7 individual groups. It's been my first chance to teach or interact with tweens and man is that age group hyper.

It's all the red bull I think.

But its been a blast. Still a few more weeks to go, and I've been refining my methods as we go. There was no set cirriculum. This was a maquette I built out of clay for them, with a wire frame skeleton. I baked it and painted it for fun.

Basically I was trying to bring the level of clay animation done up a notch. These kids love clay, love to mold it and make monsters and the like, but I thought "Hey, we can spice this up."

Anyway, It's left this way because I want them to be able to see the underlying skeleton of the creature.


Josée Robichaud said...

Woah! Neat!!! Is this part of the NBCC animation camp... or something different?

Either way, those kids must be learning quite a bit! :D

T.J. Bragg said...

Well its actually Mckenzie College in Moncton, not NBCC.

I havn't gotten them to do maquettes, but they do like doing clay animations, so I wanted to give them an example of how they are normally prepared.

Benjamin said...

TJ, you're my favorite teacher ever. I learned a lot from you in college. It's great to see the creative approach you're takin' in givin' these kids a learnin'.


Mélanie Daigle said...

Whoa, I've never had the balls to tackle clay in stop mo! Hot wheels and cheapo armatures though... hahah! In case you get to teach this again, or want to get into more stop mo stuff on your own, check out Chris Walsh's blog (my old stop mo teacher) and his youtube channel, he likes posting lots of info on the whole process!

I'd also never have the balls to teach kids, great job!! :)