Thursday, August 14, 2008

My demo reel.

Muh Demo Reel Circa June, 2008


Tim said...

That's an awesome reel, as always. One quick crit, though, for people who don't know you, the live action intro seems a little out of place, mainly because its not crazy or hilarious, like the bloopers at the end. I'd rather see the "IN THE NEXT FEW MINUTES, WE'RE GOING TO BECOME BEST FRIENDS!" line at the beginning. It'd be so much more hysterical, and establish your personality right off to the viewer.
I tried loading FLASH on my new pc, and it's not working. Argh.

Benjamin said...

I gotta say I disagree with Tim. You know, Gordon Studer did it and the whole thing of his was fucking brilliant. I say Tim, you gotta work on that. cause you see in the industry.... in the industry it's about how you sell yourself. You know you gotta sell it. The employers are going to see this and think to themselves: hey! this guy. this guy's smart. he took this approach and he went for it. yessir, he's got it. hes got the job in the industry. fuck my ass, he's one innovative sum' bitch.

... you gotta work on that.

Tim said...

I have an idea, how 'bout you work on your FACE, you FACE...FACE.

....yeah. Yeah take that.

Benjamin said...

(car speeds by)