Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So, Moved to Moncton. I've been reading a lot of graphic novels lately.

Superman/Batman/Supergirl (aka the return of supergirl)
Wolverine: Enemy of the state(Mark Millar and JRJ make such a good fuckin team)
and lets see.... Oh, Kick-Ass, another MM and JRJ team up.

And theres so much more but I can't think of them at all.

Besides all that, Justin Lee, a fantastic (and very tall and skinny) friend of mine is movin to town, so good hang outs and sketchjamdoodle-pow wows are ahead!

I redesigned Hawkgirl to be more of a....skank I guess.

Check it!

Oh and yah it's VERY high res.


The Curtis said...

love it, great muscle sketch as well!
nice colors as well, id like to see more of these.
ill be updating soon too so keep your eyes open!

T.J. Bragg said...

thanks for the comment man! yah you guys need to start throwin shit up on your blogs! And when I say shit, i mean like all the stuff ive been puttin up.

The Curtis said...

haha, man i just realized one thing you should throw on this picture. Some super tall thin heels on those boots, shes standing in the perfect postion for them allready heh. ttyl pimp!